Focus On: Falco

Focus On: Falco

The recent announcement of a €40m contract to deliver the Falco system to a Middle East country, confirms the platform's position as a market leading ISTAR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance) asset.


Developed over the last 8 years by Selex ES, the Falco UAS offers users a flexible, secure, and reliable solution to their operational ISTAR requirements. The global recognition of the Falco UAS has led to the platform being procured by growing numbers of national security agencies in their fight against terror.


The platform meets the requirements of civil and military surveillance and homeland security. Its 24/7, all-weather, persistent surveillance capability, also allows it to perform missions ranging from border patrol, coastal watch, immigration control, law enforcement to power and pipelines surveillance, illegal prevention and environmental monitoring.


In addition to the new contract, the Falco UAS has been chosen to enhance the ISTAR capability of military and civil operations in the Africa, Asia and Europe.


Such capability is delivered by a wide suite of payloads including EO/IR, SAR, Maritime Surveillance Radar, ESM, self-protection equipment, hyper spectral, and NBC sensors.


To expand the accessibility of Falco UAS and benefits of its on-board payload capability, Selex ES have developed the Falco EVO. With the specific characteristics of deployability, payload flexibility, mission endurance and a reduced logistic footprint, the Falco EVO represents an effective system solution, providing valuable stand-off targets detection, tracking and identification in ground, littoral and maritime environments.


The Falco is just one of the extensive UAS portfolio offered by Selex ES. Our portfolio includes mini/micro and tactical and medium altitude/endurance UAS, all of which come fully equipped with sensors and networked capability, delivering a high degree of situational awareness and contributing to force protection within modern ISTAR solutions. We are the only European player who can offer a complete and independent understanding and development capability of UAS systems: from the platform, to the mission system and sensors, to the ground control station.


The success of the Falco and our other UAS platforms has also led to Selex ES being chosen to integrate its Sky ISTAR Mission Management system on the Piaggio Aero P1.HH Hammerhead Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) UAS. Launched at the Paris Air Show in June 2013, the P1.HH Hammerhead is suited for a wide range of ISR, Defence and Security missions, and defines a new standard in mission role flexibility while setting a new frontier of CONcept of OPerationS (CONOPS) for Defence.


For more information on the Falco and our other UAS capability, visit our dedicated pages on this site or contact our press office.