Selex ES is a world leader in the development and manufacture of fire control and surveillance airborne radars. We are a key supplier to the Italian and UK MoD and work with an international customer base comprising armed forces, police forces and government agencies.


Our extensive track record and domain expertise combine to deliver pilots and mission operators proven products and the latest technological advances on which they rely to achieve their mission safely. Integrated on a wide range of platforms, from next generation fighters to fixed and rotary wing aircraft, our radars are also operational on UAS with customers around the world.


Our products include:




CAPTOR-E Wide Field of Regard AESA radar is the evolutionary approach to the proven Captor- M radar by technology insertion.


CAPTOR-E will provide the following Key Features:

  • Multimode Air/Air and Air/Ground fire control radar with WFoR re-positioner
  • Increased Air-to-Air Range -Faster detection and tracking of targets
  • Improved Tracking Performance
  • Interleaved/ 'simultaneous' Air/Air & Air/Ground
  • Extended Missile Guidance -Increased Operational Availability
  • Reduced Life Cycle Cost -Growth Potential for Future Enhancements


CAPTOR-E is being developed by the Euroradar consortium. SELEX ES, is the lead contractor for ER and interfaces with the purchaser BAE SYSTEMS on behalf of Eurofighter GmbH.


More information on CAPTOR-E can be found on the Typhoon website (external link).



Gabbiano Multi Mode

Gabbiano is a family of surveillance radar developed by Selex ES to provide the capabilities necessary for protection, patrolling and surveillance missions over ground, sea and along coastlines in all weather conditions. The high level of modularity and flexibility of the radar family in conjunction with low power consumption allows for operation on-board UAS as well as fixed and rotary wing manned platforms.


Gabbiano Multi Mode data sheet (download PDF)



Grifo 346

GRIFO 346 is a coherent, pulse Doppler multimode airborne fire control radar operating in X-band. Its modular architecture, with a configurable number of Line Replaceable Units (LRU), enables the installation on many different fighter aircraft. GRIFO 346 can be easily integrated in modern Avionic Suites and fully interfaced via HOTAS command. With over 450 units sold and 100.000 flight hours the GRIFO family of airborne radars offers advanced performance to new and upgradeable aircraft.


Grifo 346 data sheet (download PDF)




The PicoSAR Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radar provides an unrivalled all weather capability for Unmanned Aerial Systems, fixed wing and helicopter platforms. Using many low power, solid state Transmit Receive Modules (TRM) within its array, it is more reliable than conventional radar systems. The flexibility of AESA technology also allows for the radar antenna to be resized to address specific platform constraints.


PicoSAR data sheet (download PDF)



Raven ES-05

The Raven ES-05 radar for the Gripen NG is a wide field of regard system optimised for multi-role/ swing role operations. The system features a comprehensive mode suite for both A/A and A/G including interleaved operation, and has high availability and reliability. Selex ES’s SKYWARD-G IRST is also integrated in the aircraft avionics, providing full operational search and track functionality with a stealth capability.


Raven data sheet (download PDF)



Seaspray Family

Seaspray radar combines a state-of-the-art Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radar with a Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) processor to deliver superior detecting capability for air-to-surface and air-to-air environments. Seaspray is a Low Probability of Intercept (LPI) radar with high gain and low sidelobes, using Composite Electronic and Mechanical Scanning (CEMS) to detect small targets. Seaspray has been selected by Customers in the UK, US, Italy and Ecuador.



Vixen 500E
Vixen 500E is a compact, lightweight, AESA Radar capable of detecting and tracking small targets such as low flying slow moving air vehicles over difficult terrain in line with emerging border protection threats. The Vixen 500E Radar has been designed from the outset to meet worldwide demands for combined radar surveillance and target tracking capability within one efficient modular system.



Vixen 1000E

Vixen 1000E is a high performance AESA radar designed for fighter/interceptor aircraft. Vixen 1000E features an innovative roll-repositionable AESA antenna to provide a full ±100º field of regard allowing maximum situational awareness and platform survivability. The Vixen 1000E builds on common modular units for a scaleable system architecture.